[Python-Dev] Removing Mac OS 9 cruft

Guido van Rossum guido at python.org
Fri Jun 2 15:26:52 CEST 2006

Just and Jack have confirmed that you can throw away everything except
possibly Demo/*. (Just even speculated that some cruft may have been
accidentally revived by the cvs -> svn transition?)


On 6/1/06, Neal Norwitz <nnorwitz at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was about to remove Mac/IDE scripts, but it looks like there might
> be more stuff that is OS 9 related and should be removed.  Other
> possibilities look like (everything under Mac/):
>   Demo/*  this is a bit more speculative
>   IDE scripts/*
>   MPW/*
>   Tools/IDE/*  this references IDE scripts, so presumably it should be toast?
>   Tools/macfreeze/*
>   Unsupported/mactcp/dnrglue.c
>   Wastemods/*
> I'm going mostly based on what has been modified somewhat recently.
> Can someone confirm/reject these?  I'll remove them.
> n
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