[Python-Dev] test_ctypes failures on ppc64 debian

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Fri Jun 2 18:42:43 CEST 2006

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Thomas Heller]
>> test_ctypes fails on the ppc64 machine.  I don't have access to such
>> a machine myself, so I would have to do some trial and error, or try
>> to print some diagnostic information.
>> This should not be done in the trunk, so the question is: can the 
>> buildbots
>> build branches?
> Yes.  For example, that's how the buildbots run 2.4 tests.
>> I assume I just have to enter a revision number and press the force-build
>> button, is this correct?
> No, you need to enter the "tail end" of the branch path in the "Branch
> to build:" box.  You probably want to leave the "Revision to build:"
> box empty.  Examples I know work because I've tried them in the past:
> entering "trunk" in "Branch to build:" builds the current trunk, and
> entering "branches/release24-maint" in "Branch to build:" builds the
> current 2.4 branch.  I'm not certain that paths other than those work.
>> Or would someone consider this abuse?
> In this case, it only matters whether Matthias Klose thinks it's abuse
> (since klose-debian-ppc64 is his box), so I've copied him on this
> reply.  Matthias, I hope you don't mind some extra activity on that
> box, since it may be the only way test_ctypes will ever pass on your
> box :-)

I have already mailed him asking if he can give me interactive access
to this machine ;-).  He has not yet replied - I'm not sure if this is because
he's been shocked to see such a request, or if he already is in holidays.


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