[Python-Dev] Pre-PEP: Allow Empty Subscript List Without Parentheses

Aahz aahz at pythoncraft.com
Sun Jun 18 02:26:31 CEST 2006

On Sun, Jun 18, 2006, Noam Raphael wrote:
> Hi, sorry for my repeated posts. I just wanted to say that I improved
> my patch a little bit, so it does exactly the same thing, but with
> smaller code: you can see for yourself at
> http://python.pastebin.com/715221 - it changed exactly 10 lines of
> code, and adds additional 8 lines, all of them really short and
> obvious.
> I thought that it might convince someone that it's just a little
> generalization of syntax, nothing frightening...

Not really.  After reading this thread, my opinion is that you have a
relatively narrow corner case and should find another way to get what
you want.  -1
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