[Python-Dev] Numerical robustness, IEEE etc.

Facundo Batista facundobatista at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 01:41:38 CEST 2006

2006/6/22, Nick Maclaren <nmm1 at cus.cam.ac.uk>:

> > Now, a more general reply: what are you actually trying to acheive
> > with these posts?  I presume it's more than just make wild claims
> > about how much more you know about numerical programming than anyone
> > else...
> Sigh.  What I am trying to get is floating-point support of the form
> that, when a programmer makes a numerical error (see above), he gets
> EITHER an exception value returned OR an exception raised.  I do, of
> course, need to exclude the cases when the code is testing states
> explicitly, twiddling bits and so on.

Well, so I'm completely lost... because, if all you want is to be able
to chose a returned value or an exception raised, you actually can
control that in Decimal.



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