[Python-Dev] Moving the ctypes repository to python.org

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Jun 23 22:38:47 CEST 2006

Thomas Heller wrote:
> What I did was at a certain time develop in the 'branch_1_0' branch, leaving
> HEAD for experimental work.  Later I decided that this was wrong, cvs removed all
> files in HEAD, and added them back from a branch_1_0 checkout.  Maybe doing
> this was another bad idea, as the trunk in the converted SVN repository
> only lists _ctypes.c revisions corresponding to the CVS version numbers
> 1.307 up to the current CVS head 1.340.  All the older versions from 1.1 up to
> show up in the branch_1_0 branch that cvs2svn has created - although
> in CVS only the versions up to were ever in the branch_1_0
> branch.  Is that a bug in cvs2svnn?

I doubt it. I'm pretty sure the subversion repository *does* contain all
the old files, in the old revisions. What happens if you do the
following on your converted subversion repository:

1. find out the oldest version of the files from svn log. Say this is
   version 1000.
2. Explicitly check out the trunk at version 950 (i.e. some plenty
   revisions before your copied the files from the branch).

I expect that this will give you the files just before you deleted
them; doing "svn log" on this sandbox will then give you all the old
log messages and versions.

If that is what happens, here is why: "svn log" will trace a file
through all its revisions, and across "svn copy"s, back to when it
was added into the repository. At that point, "svn log" stops.
An earlier file with the same name which got removed is considered
as a different file, so "svn log" does not show its revisions.

If you don't want that do happen, you could try to "outdate" (cvs -o)
the deletion and readdition in CVS, purging that piece of history.
I'm not entirely certain whether this should work.

If that isn't what happens, I'd be curious to look at the CVS and
SVN tarballs.


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