[Python-Dev] Moving the ctypes repository to python.org

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Fri Jun 30 11:04:06 CEST 2006

Martin v. Löwis schrieb:
> Thomas Heller wrote:
>> What I did was at a certain time develop in the 'branch_1_0' branch, leaving
>> HEAD for experimental work.  Later I decided that this was wrong, cvs removed all
>> files in HEAD, and added them back from a branch_1_0 checkout.  Maybe doing
>> this was another bad idea, as the trunk in the converted SVN repository
>> only lists _ctypes.c revisions corresponding to the CVS version numbers
>> 1.307 up to the current CVS head 1.340.  All the older versions from 1.1 up to
>> show up in the branch_1_0 branch that cvs2svn has created - although
>> in CVS only the versions up to were ever in the branch_1_0
>> branch.  Is that a bug in cvs2svnn?
> I doubt it. I'm pretty sure the subversion repository *does* contain all
> the old files, in the old revisions. What happens if you do the
> following on your converted subversion repository:
> 1. find out the oldest version of the files from svn log. Say this is
>    version 1000.
> 2. Explicitly check out the trunk at version 950 (i.e. some plenty
>    revisions before your copied the files from the branch).
> I expect that this will give you the files just before you deleted
> them; doing "svn log" on this sandbox will then give you all the old
> log messages and versions.
> If that is what happens, here is why: "svn log" will trace a file
> through all its revisions, and across "svn copy"s, back to when it
> was added into the repository. At that point, "svn log" stops.
> An earlier file with the same name which got removed is considered
> as a different file, so "svn log" does not show its revisions.
> If you don't want that do happen, you could try to "outdate" (cvs -o)
> the deletion and readdition in CVS, purging that piece of history.
> I'm not entirely certain whether this should work.

You mean 'cvs admin -o', right?

Yes, that works.  Here is what I did:

- got a local copy of the cvs repository from SF with rsync.
  All the following was done on thos local copy.

- I ran 'cvs log' over the whole repository, and noted the files
  that were removed in the HEAD and later readded from a branch.

- I wrote a script that calls 'cvs admin -o' on them.

- removed those directories that should not be added to Python SVN,
  these were the ctypes-java, misc and CVSROOT directories.

- called 'cvs2svn --dump-only' to create a subversion dumpfile.
  The file size is around 100 MB.

- Created a local SVN repository, called 'svnadmin load'.

Now I can checkout from the local SVN repository, and the whole
history on the files that I checked is present.

The svn checkup has this structure, which is OK imo:


The remaining questions are:

- Do I need special rights to call 'svnadmin load' to import this dumpfile
  into Python SVN, or are the normal commit rights sufficient?
  What exactly is the URL/PATH where it should be imported (some sandbox,
  I assume)?

- What about the Python trunk?  Should changes from the sandbox be merged
  into Modules/_ctypes and Lib/ctypes, or would it be better (or possible at all)
  to use the external mechanism?


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