[Python-Dev] Developing/patching ctypes (was: Re: integrating ctypes into python)

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Fri Mar 10 08:48:32 CET 2006

[CC to python-dev again]
Hye-Shik Chang wrote:
> On 3/10/06, Thomas Heller <theller at python.net> wrote:
>> Hye-Shik Chang wrote:
>>> On 3/9/06, Thomas Heller <theller at python.net> wrote:
>>>> I've now committed ctypes into SVN.  It seems to build, at least on the buildbots
>>>> that are online.
>>> Good work!  It's all green on my machines (FreeBSD amd64/sparc64).
>>> But gcc outputs some warnings:
>>> 1) libffi/include/ffi.h.in: void (*fn)()  -> void (*void)(void)
>> This is not the only file that would have to be changed.  I wonder why they don't change
>> it in gcc itself.
> This *is* the only change to calm gcc warnings down except Py_ssize_t
> stuff.  :-)
>>> 2) many of Py_ssize_t / int prototype mismatches. (eg. sq_repeat)
>>>    Could we make ctypes Py_ssize_t clean?
>>> 3) ctypes doesn't support Py_ssize_t nor ssize_t yet.  Because major
>>>    portion of our pythonapi uses it now, it would be better to have it.
>> This should be done in ctypes CVS, and the result imported into python SVN after that.
>> At least ctypes (the Python module) has an c_size_t type now ;-).
> I'll do it in this weekend. I saw that branch_1_0 is merged into HEAD.
> Which branch are you using for Python integration at now?

I did 'cvs export -r release_0_9_9_4' from the SF repository and then
imported this into python SVN external/ctypes-  The 'release_0_9_9_4'
tag is on the 'branch_1_0' branch.  I moved on a little bit on that branch,
later merged everything into SF CVS HEAD, and continued to work there.

We'll have to coordinate this.  Different people working in different
repositories will become a maintaince nightmare, so there should be an
official 'master' repository for ctypes.

Question for python-dev:

Would it be a solution to move the 'official' ctypes development into
Python SVN external/ctypes, or would this be considered abuse?  Another
location in SVN could be used as well, if external is though to contain
only vendor drops...


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