[Python-Dev] 2.3.6 for the unicode buffer overrun

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Oct 12 23:07:56 CEST 2006

Gregory P. Smith schrieb:
> three macs with some virtual machines could take care of this (damn
> apple for not allowing their stupid OS to be virtualized).  that said,
> i'm not volunteering to setup an automated system for this but i've
> got good ideas how to do it if i ever find time or someone wants to
> chat offline. :(

Of course, that makes the idea die here and now. Without volunteers
to do the actual work, it just won't happen.

> as for buildbot, i haven't looked at its design but from the chatter
> i've seen i was under the impression that it operates on a continually
> updated sandbox rather than a 100% fresh checkout for each build?  if
> thats true (is it?) i'd prefer to see a build system setup to do a
> fresh checkout+build of everything (including externals) in a new
> directory for each build in use.  thats what we do at work.

Buildbot could do that easily; in fact, I had to explicitly configure
it to not start from scratch each time, to reduce the network traffic
of the donated machines.


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