[Python-Dev] 2.3.6 for the unicode buffer overrun

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Fri Oct 13 13:06:16 CEST 2006


>> Sure - I get that. There's a couple of reasons for me doing it. First is gpg
>> signing the release files, which has to happen on my local machine. There's
>> also the variation in who actually builds the releases; at least one of the
>> Mac builds was done by Bob I. But there could be ways around this. I don't
>> want to have to ensure every builder has scp

scp or scp access?

the former isn't much of a requirement, really.  I would be surprised to find a
developer that didn't already have it on all machines, or knew how to run it off
the internet (type "putty download" into google and click "I feel lucky").

>> all "go live" at once. A while back, the Mac installer would follow up "some
>> time" after the Windows and source builds. Every release, I'd get emails
>> saying "where's the mac build?!"

that's a worthwhile goal, now that we have plenty of build volunteers, but
I think that could be solved simply by delaying the *public* announcement
until everything is in place.

this is open source, after all - we don't need to hide how we're doing things.

Bob Ippolito wrote:

> With most consumer connections it's a lot faster to download than to
> upload. Perhaps it would save you a few minutes if the contributors
> uploaded directly to the destination (or to some other fast server)
> and you could download and sign it, rather than having to scp it back
> up somewhere from your home connection.

that's another interesting advantage of a more asynchronous release process.
if we can reduce the costly parts to a few 8-minute slots, it's a lot easier for
any busy developer to find the time, even on a hectic day.  and if we can dis-
tribute those slots, things will be even easier.


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