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Facundo Batista facundobatista at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 20:48:33 CET 2007

2007/12/10, Ron Adam <rrr at ronadam.com>:

> This is from the search page of the tracker.
>    <select name="resolution" id="resolution">
>      <option value="">don't care</option>
>      <option value="" disabled="disabled">------------</option>
>      <option value="1">accepted</option>
>      <option value="2">duplicate</option>
>      <option value="3">fixed</option>
>      <option value="4">invalid</option>
>      <option value="5">later</option>
>      <option value="6">out of date</option>
>      <option value="7">postponed</option>
>      <option value="8">rejected</option>
>      <option value="9">remind</option>
>      <option value="10">wont fix</option>
>      <option value="11">works for me</option>
>    </select>
> There are items in the tracker that have a resolutions set, but are still
> open.  So the resolution field is the process status field.  I don't think
> it needs to be mandatory.  And the status field includes open/pending/close.

Some "resolutions" imply that the issue is still open, and some imply
that the issue should be closed.

For example, I won't expect to see the issue still open if it's marked
as "won't fix", "duplicate", "fixed", "invalid", "out of date", or

OTOH, it should be still open if the resolution is "later", or
"remind". I'm not decided with "works for me".

Anyway, as I only show the open issues, the resolution should be one
of the later. Do you think that is useful the color to change if it is
in "later" or "remind"? What's the benefit of this?

Note that if we find open issues that are in the first group of
resolutions, something should be corrected there.

Furthermore, I remember that somewhere there was a discussion of these
values, and if we should keep all of them or not, but I can't find
that thread.

Thank you!

.    Facundo

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