[Python-Dev] how can I review? [was: Encouraging developers]

Jim Jewett jimjjewett at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 21:53:43 CET 2007

The 5:1 patch review is a good idea -- but what is the procedure for
reviewing a patch?

I often comment on patches.  Does this count as a review?  Would
anyone know if it did?

If I were going through five at the same time, and I had a sixth to
push, I could post here.  Normally, I just make a comment on the SF
tracker.  As far as I know, that makes zero difference to any
committer (at least) until they have already decided to look at the
issue themselves.  At best, I am shaving off a round of
back-and-forth, if there would have been one.

Sometimes all I say is "What about case X"?  The patch isn't ready to
be committed yet.  It might be that comments are enough, but it isn't
ready.  I wouldn't want the fact fact that I commented to grab a
committer's attention.

Sometimes the patch is good, or they deal with all issues.[1]  At that
point, I ... stop commenting.  I don't know of any way (except
personal email) to indicate that it was reviewed, let alone approved.

[1]  Well, all that I noticed at the time -- I don't have a checklist,
and there isn't a standard review form.

One option would be a designated wiki page listing who reviewed
patches when and whether they are ready -- but it seems sort of
heavyweight, like it ought to be part of the tracker.

I do like Dustin's suggestion

If some committers are interested (and tell me how they want the
review notification), I would be happy to pre-filter some stdlib
patches.  If there are several volunteers wanting to split the work, I
would be willing to organize the split however the others prefer.


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