[Python-Dev] Bug Days

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Wed Mar 7 16:32:27 CET 2007

Michael Foord schrieb:

 > This raises a point which is related to the 'encouraging developers' thread.
 > I created this patch as part of a Python bug day over a year ago. The
 > bug day was trumpeted as being a good place for 'newbies' who wanted to
 > contribute to Python could start, and implied that some kind of
 > mentoring would be in place.
 > I enthusiastically turned up on IRC and asked how to join in. I was told
 > (more or less) to 'pick a bug and fix it'. That one seemed to be the
 > only one on the list I could tackle alone (and I still managed to screw
 > it up it seems!). I submitted the patch to sourceforge, posted to IRC
 > that I had done this - and then kind of hung around a while waiting to
 > see what would happen.
 > There was no response and after a while of waiting and nothing much else
 > happening either I returned to working on my own projects...
 > The bug days do seem like an opportunity to involve new developers - but
 > some kind of active engagement would seem appropriate...

If it was the last bug day you speak about, this was a bit unfortunate since it
was only me and Tim who were present for a longer time, and not busy with some
server maintenance tasks. I guess I just picked the wrong day ;)


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