[Python-Dev] git (Was: Encouraging developers)

Alexander Schremmer 2007a at usenet.alexanderweb.de
Thu Mar 8 00:03:14 CET 2007

Hi python-dev,

MvL wrote:

>>> the on-disk repository is mighty big and it doesn't work very well
>>> on non-Linux systems (at least, not last I looked.)

Yes, mercurial or Bazaar do its job better on Windows etc. (and are
written in Python :-)

>> Not true.  The on-disk repository is now one of the more efficient
>> ones.  

After packing the repository, yes (which has to be done manually).

> If this still makes git one of the more efficient
> dvcs systems, I don't want to see the other ones :-(

I do not know about speed issues in git, but I think that mercurial is
said to be nearly as fast as git - and at least updating repos seems to
work for me quickly.

Thomas A. Hein has setup a one-shot mirror of the CPython SVN with branch
support here: http://hg.intevation.org/tmp/python/python/

And there is a mirror here: http://hg.alexanderweb.de/python-temp/

You can clone it by running `hg clone URL`, and then `hg serve` to see the
repo in your web browser. For me that needed less than 5 minutes on a
well-connected machine.

For beginners, there is a nice explanation about DVCS here:

Kind regards,

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