[Python-Dev] Backports of standard library modules

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Mon Mar 12 02:19:56 CET 2007

On 11 Mar, 10:32 pm, pmaupin at gmail.com wrote:
>If this seems useful to others,  I could try to start a PEP on how the
>process would work (but since I'm fairly new, it would be great if
>someone could help out a bit by validating my verbiage against some of
>the process requirements).

Isn't this PEP 297?

This does raise an interesting question, though, since I'm about to get 
into PEP authorship myself.  Have I missed an official way to propose 
alternatives or resurrect a languishing PEP?  I'd like very much to 
propose to obsolete PEP 355 with twisted's FilePath object that I've 
previously discussed, but ... does that mean adding text to 355? 
writing a new PEP and referencing it?

Also, the language/library evolution PEP I would like to write is 
basically an expanded version of PEP 5, but that is apparently moribund 
(and "not followed", according to MvL).

Above all, how can I help to motivate timely yea-or-nay decisions from 
the BDFL or "his chosen consultants"?  PEP 1 seems to defer all of these 
questions to emailing the PEP editor; is that really the best way to go?
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