[Python-Dev] Patch 1644818: Allow importing built-in submodules

Miguel Lobo mlobol at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 14:17:54 CET 2007

> No; basically, you just need to be patient now. Do you have an urgent
> need to get this patch included?

Well, not personally, but I suspect that it is quite possible that other
people will waste time trying to figure out why their imports don't work.

Also, seeing that there are almost 400 open patches in the patch tracker,
I'm concerned that this patch will be forgotten and left to rot, which would
be a pity IMO.

One issue is whether this patch should be backported to the 2.5 branch;
> as it is arguably a new feature, it probably should not. As 2.6 is still
> quite some time ahead, I can't see any urgency.

I see this more as a fix rather than a new feature, as there is no reason or
explanation in the documentation (that I've been able to find) to suggest
that importing built-in submodules shouldn't work.

The small changes to the code in the patch also "feel" more like a fix than
like a new feature.

So yes, ideally I would like to see this patch in 2.5.1, although I will of
course defer to the people who are in charge of making that decision.

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