[Python-Dev] trunk and 2.5 are borken

Neal Norwitz nnorwitz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 08:03:10 CET 2007

There are several failures with both the trunk and 2.5 branch.  I have
fixed one problem that allows the tests to run on Windows.  That was
fixed by reverting 54407 on the trunk.  It still needs to be reverted
on the 2.5 branch.  You can go back in the buildbot logs to find out
more about the problem.

The 3 test failures on Windows are:  test_urllib test_mailbox and
The first 2 fail due to 'Access denied' on @test.2.  I'm guessing this
is due to the file not being closed before trying to delete it.  I
don't know where this problem showed up, but it was after rev 54406
which is when all the tests were passing on Windows (and 54407 was
backed out).

test_posixpath is failing in: test_relpath

Patch 1490190 causes test_posix to fail on Tru64 due to chflags().

I remember some changes to PTYs which are causing test_pty to fail on Solaris.

Can someone(s) try to fix these problems?  Don't forget to verify that
2.5 is ok.


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