[Python-Dev] trunk and 2.5 are borken

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Wed Mar 21 10:11:36 CET 2007

Neal Norwitz schrieb:
> There are several failures with both the trunk and 2.5 branch.  I have
> fixed one problem that allows the tests to run on Windows.  That was
> fixed by reverting 54407 on the trunk.  It still needs to be reverted
> on the 2.5 branch.  You can go back in the buildbot logs to find out
> more about the problem.
> The 3 test failures on Windows are:  test_urllib test_mailbox and
> test_posixpath.
> The first 2 fail due to 'Access denied' on @test.2.  I'm guessing this
> is due to the file not being closed before trying to delete it.  I
> don't know where this problem showed up, but it was after rev 54406
> which is when all the tests were passing on Windows (and 54407 was
> backed out).

I now changed the test in said revision to not use a second test directory,
but only directories under TESTFN. This specific test should not cause
any more problems now.


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