[Python-Dev] Fwd: RFC - GoogleSOC proposal -cleanupurllib

Senthil orsenthil at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Mar 26 18:59:44 CEST 2007

On 3/24/07, Josiah Carlson <jcarlson at uci.edu> wrote:
> If I were to summarize your proposal, it would be "merge, clean up, and
> add features to urllib, urllib2, and urlparse".  Sounds reasonable for
> Python 3, but remember that you will need to update any standard library
> module that currently uses urllib, urllib2, and urlparse to make sure
> that they pass the test suite, probably add tests to the test suite for
> your new module, and include documentation (I can't remember if any of
> that was in your proposal).

Thanks Josiah,
I have included the tasks of updating other standard library modules
that use urllib, urllib2, and urlparse, including tests and
documentation in my proposal.
That was a very helpful feedback.

I have submitted my proposal in the web app as well.


> "Senthil Kumaran" <orsenthil at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Resending this; as i think my sf.net email alias got blocked by the python-dev.
> >
> >
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > From: Senthil <orsenthil at users.sourceforge.net>
> > Date: Mar 24, 2007 6:05 AM
> > Subject: RFC - GoogleSOC proposal -cleanupurllib
> > To: python-dev at python.org
> >
> >
> > Hi All,
> > I have written a proposal to cleanup urllib as part of Google SoC. I
> > am attaching the file 'soc1' with this email. Requesting you to go
> > through the proposal and provide any feedback which I can incorporate
> > in my submission.

O.R.Senthil Kumaran


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