[Python-Dev] SoC proposal: multimedia library

Andrew Bennetts andrew-pythondev at puzzling.org
Tue Mar 27 02:29:27 CEST 2007

Lino Mastrodomenico wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I would like to participate as a student in google Summer of Code and
> I'm interested in feedback on a multimedia library for Python.
> The library I propose should have the following features:
>     * the capability to extract and decompress video and audio from a
> few common multimedia file format;
>     * and, vice versa, it can create a compressed video file from a
> series of still images and from uncompressed audio;
>     * it should have an interface as simple and pythonic as possible;
>     * it must be cross-platform, easy to extend and not be limited to
> a single file container format or to some specific audio or video
> compression format;
>     * at least a subset of the supported formats should be available
> without any external dependency.

Except I guess for the last point, don't the Python bindings for GStreamer
already provide this?


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