[Python-Dev] fixing tests on windows

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Fri Apr 4 20:54:28 CEST 2008

"Tim Golden" <mail at timgolden.me.uk> wrote in message 
news:47F5E109.4090608 at timgolden.me.uk...
| Terry Reedy wrote:
| > I suspect, but do not know, that the dialog box effects changes through
| > user-programmable interfaces.  So while I would start with manual 
| > to see if that solves the problem, I presume there must be a system 
| > for changing dir attributes.
| The problem is, I think, that it isn't just the Indexing Service
| which generates this issue. TortoiseSVN is well known for doing
| the same thing, and there could be now and potentially will be
| in the future other programs. I don't think that hunting down
| and turning off their interference case by case is a viable
| solution in the long-term.

And that is exactly not what I was suggesting.  I do not know how much 
privitizing a directory actually blocks, but if Microsoft says 'only you 
can access the folder', perhaps it would block some things.

Don't most scanners read files rapidly, close, and move on?  Perhaps 
testall could either hang around at the end trying to make sure all is 
removed.  Perhaps display a message, wait five seconds, try again, up to a 
minute or so.


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