[Python-Dev] Beta 3 planned for this Wednesday

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Aug 19 05:29:50 CEST 2008

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Hello everyone,

I am going to try to release the last planned beta of 2.6 and 3.0 this
Wednesday.  Looking at the stable buildbots and showstopper bugs indicates
some work to do between now and then.  Here are the showstoppers, along with
my recommendations.

1878    class attribute cache failure (regression)
- - Medium priority
- - Guido, there are some design choices that need your decision.  I'd like to
  fix this for beta 3 if it's going to be fixed at all, because I suspect the
  changes will be too disruptive once we reach release candidates.

2394    [Py3k] Finish the memoryview object implementation
- - High priority
- - This one is serious enough to hold up the release.  I really do not think we
  should be finishing this implementation in the rc phase.

1179    [CVE-2007-4965] Integer overflow in imageop module
- - High priority
- - This will block final release and I think it needs to be fixed for this beta.

3131    2to3 can't find fixes_dir
- - Medium priority
- - I'm willing to defer this to the release candidates, but it will definitely
  block the release candidates.

3402    test_nis is hanging on Solaris
- - Medium priority
- - I suggest disabling this test and adding a note to the release notes.  If
  nobody comes forward to fix it for the final release, tough.

3352    Deficiencies in multiprocessing/threading API
- - Medium priority
- - This one is getting some love, so I'm confident this will get fixed before
  beta 3.

As for the buildbots, they're not looking so good.  It looks like the trunk
has various failures in multiprocessing (hopefully fixed soon) and bsddb3.
Also some crashes in test_anydbm.  Hmm.

3.0 is looking better but there's a weird error in test_sys and

- -Barry
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