[Python-Dev] "error: None" when building extensions under 2.6

Thomas Heller theller at ctypes.org
Sun Aug 24 13:03:54 CEST 2008

Fredrik Lundh schrieb:
> Amaury Forgeot d'Arc wrote:
>>> when I'm trying to build extensions under Python 2.6 on Windows XP, the
>>> build process terminates with single line that says:
>>>    error: None
>>> which is about as useless as an error message can be.  Googling for this
>>> brings up a few hits which all seem to involve setuptools (and none of the
>>> hits contain any answers), but I'm using straightforward distutils stuff
>>> that has worked without a glitch since 1.5.2.  Has anyone else seen this for
>>> 2.6?
>> I tried to rebuild some extensions, and it either succeeds,
>> or fails with a meaningful (for an expert) error message.
>> Which extensions did you try? is there some output before the error?
> pick any:
> http://effbot.org/downloads/
> ;-)
> I'm beginning to suspect that I have a botched VS install on this 
> machine, though.  I'll investigate.

Do you get a traceback when you set the DISTUTILS_DEBUG environment variable?


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