[Python-Dev] [Python-3000] Python source code on Bazaar vcs

Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 22:28:07 CET 2008

On 21/03/2008, Brett Cannon <brett at python.org> wrote:
> Just to head this off, this is not a specific vote of confidence for
>  Bazaar. The Bazaar developers were at PyCon and both Barry and Thomas
>  were willing to put the time and effort to get the mirror up and going
>  while the Bazaar team was nearby to answer questions. At this point
>  this is more of an experiment to see if people like the development
>  style of distributed VCS. If people do and someone steps forward to
>  put the time and effort to add Mercurial support, we can then consider
>  doing something similar to what was done for the issue tracker.
>  But for right now this is just to try out distributed VCS, nothing more.

One thing I really like the idea of with Mercurial for my situation
(non-committer) is the mq extension, which lets me manage my changes
as a "stack of patches" - so I'm completely working with patches,
which is what I have to post to the tracker, etc.

Is there a similar workflow in Bazaar? I know there's the loom
extension (although I haven't used it much yet) but I'm not sure how
I'd use that.

Basically, can some Bazaar expert offer a suggestion as to how a
non-developer with read-only access would best use the Bazaar
repositories to maintain a number of patches to be posted to the


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