[Python-Dev] Looking for VCS usage scenarios

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Mon Nov 3 01:05:56 CET 2008

I have started the DVCS PEP which can be seen at
http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dg7fctr4_40dvjkdg64 . Not much is there
beyond the rationale, usage scenarios I plan to use, and what other
sections I plan to write.

At this point I am looking for any suggestions for fundamental usage
scenarios that I am missing from the PEP. If you think the few already
listed are missing some core part of a VCS, please let me know.

And just to stave off some emails, I have two comments to make. One,
please do not start sending me info on how to fill in the usage
scenarios. I want to first solidify what the scenarios are. Plus I
want to figure them out on my own to get a feel of the documentation
for the tools.

Second, as of right now Git is not in the running. Ignoring the fact I
dislike the tool (my issues with it are documented in the python-dev
archives), there is also the fact that it would be nicer to have
Python have as its VCS something written in Python instead of C/Perl.


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