[Python-Dev] Python for windows.

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Nov 27 07:44:39 CET 2008

> As I recall, OpenSSL, a long while ago stopped, supporting some
> idiosyncrasies associated with Windows I/O and opted for a "cleaner"
> approach, that of requiring developers to link a small file,
> applink.c, into the app's main.  applink.c is provided by the OpenSSL
> folks.


Ok, this explains what it is.

> Arguably better is to have the include statement in the python source
> file, python.c, appropriately conditioned.  ...and to provide a copy
> of applink.c.   That way, there would be no more need to try to find
> or do a custom build.  Everybody building for a Windows platform will
> have applink included and access to OpenSSL becomes a non-issue.

However, this doesn't explain why I should care about it. What is the
problem that is being solved for Python? Why is access to OpenSSL an
issue currently?


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