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On 2008-11-27 04:12, Bugbee, Larry wrote:
> Not necessarily.  I have no problems with hashlib or Python/M2Crypto/OpenSSL as long as I'm doing memory-oriented operations.  It is only when the function does I/O that errors occur.  ...like reading/writing a PEM file, randpool.dat, etc.  

FWIW: pyOpenSSL works just fine with Python 2.3 - 2.6... including
the APIs that read or write certificates.

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> Bugbee, Larry <larry.bugbee at boeing.com> wrote:
>> For most custom apps this is a simple process of adding "#include 
>> applink.c" to the app's main().  The problem for Python developers is 
>> that their Python program is not main(), and if python.exe does not 
>> have the OPENSSL_Applink interface, they cannot import M2Crypto, 
>> pyOpenSSL, or use ctypes to wrap OpenSSL, and write a PEM file without 
>> throwing an error.  (That said, Daniel Clark says he is not 
>> experiencing problems with NCrypt.  I have not verified.)
> I'm probably missing something here.  Python 2.6/3.x uses OpenSSL for the hashlib and ssl modules.  Doesn't this mean that this applink.c file is part of the standard build now?
> Bill
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