[Python-Dev] bsddb alternative (was Re: [issue3769] Deprecate bsddb for removal in 3.0)

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Thu Sep 4 19:03:38 CEST 2008

    > Compared to sqlite, you don't need to know SQL, you can finetuning
    > (for example, using ACI instead of ACID, deciding store by store), and
    > you can do replication and distributed transactions (useful, for
    > example, if your storage is bigger than a single machine capacity,
    > like my case). If you combine Berkeley DB with Durus, for example, all
    > of this is abstracted and you simply use "regular" python objects.

    Titus> I agree.  I like bsddb for just this reason and I'd like to
    Titus> continue being able to use it!  I think that there are many
    Titus> reasons why having such a thing in the stdlib is really useful
    Titus> and I also think it's worth exploring the ramifications of taking
    Titus> it out...

I suggested in another message (perhaps on another thread) that maybe a
dbm.sqlite module would be worth having.  It would have a dict-ish API like
the other dict-on-disk modules but use the sqlite module to read (SELECT)
and write (INSERT and UPDATE) key/value pairs from the underlying database.


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