[Python-Dev] mingw+msys port of python2.7a0 (svn #r68884)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sat Jan 24 22:51:13 CET 2009


mingw+msys port which was previously done against python-2.5.2 has
been brought forward to latest subversion r68884.  the primary reason
for initially doing python 2.5.2 was to 1) "stay out of the way" of
primary python development 2) provide some hope for those people still
using win98 and nt.

builds using msvcr90 are possible with the --enable-msvcr9build switch.

install mingw, install msys, optionally install a boat-load of
libraries such as sqlite3, zlib, bz2, dbm etc. (good luck, it's a pain
- ask me if you'd like some prebuilt).  make sure you patch the mingw
runtime if you want to use --enable-msvcr9build (again, ask me if
you'd like the patched headers and prebuilt libmsvcrNN.a files).  also
added is the msi module - http:/ /lkcl.net/msi.tgz and run make in the
msi directory, to install the import libraries and header files
borrowed from Wine and beaten into submission.

run ./configure --enable-win32build=yes --enable-shared=yes and go do
something else for about 10 minutes, then run make and make install.

no proprietary compilers or tools were used or harmed [*] in the
making or development of this patch.


[*] such a shame...

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