[Python-Dev] Change Makefile.pre.in based on configure?

Ronald Oussoren ronaldoussoren at mac.com
Sun Jan 25 11:11:51 CET 2009

On 24 Jan, 2009, at 22:03, skip at pobox.com wrote:

> I'm working on issue 4111 which will add dtrace support to Python when
> requested by the builder and when supported by the platform  
> (currently just
> Solaris and Mac OSX I believe).
> Sun and Apple have quite different ways to generate the code  
> necessary to
> link into the executable.  Sun's dtrace command supports a -G flag  
> which
> generates a .o file from a .d file.  Apple instead generates an  
> include file
> using the -h flag to dtrace (-G and .o file generation are not  
> supported).
> This puts a bit of a crimp in generating Makefile dependencies.  In  
> the Sun
> case you have a couple extra .o files to link into libpython.  In  
> the Apple
> case you have a couple extra .h files which define Dtrace macros.
> How do I work around this difference in Makefile.pre.in?  I can  
> detect Sun
> vs. Apple in the configure script, but I see no conditional logic in
> Makefile.pre.in to use as an example.  It seems to only use variable
> expansion on the RHS of stuff.  Can I do something like
> if @WITH_DTRACE_SUN@ = 1
> then
>        ... Sun-style dependencies here ...
> else
>        ... Apple-style dependencies here ...
> fi
> where WITH_DTRACE_SUN is a macro defined in pyconfig.h by the  
> configure
> script?

I use configure to paste bits into Makefile.pre.in for the OSX  
framework support.

In Makefile.pre.in:

      install:        @FRAMEWORKINSTALLFIRST@ altinstall bininstall  

configure.in. This should work for dtrace as well.

That is, in the configure script define DTRACE_HEADER_DEPS and  
@DTRACE_OBJECT_DEPS@ to the proper targets in Makefile.pre.in.


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