[Python-Dev] asyncore fixes in Python 2.6 broke Zope's version of medusa

Ivan Krstić krstic at solarsail.hcs.harvard.edu
Wed Mar 4 22:14:28 CET 2009


On Mar 4, 2009, at 12:31 AM, glyph at divmod.com wrote:
> If someone who has PEP-writing skills and some free time is updating  
> asyncore to be more modern, I'd be very happy to walk that person  
> through Twisted's API design and explain how either portions of our  
> implementation could be lifted for the stdlib, or how a "high level"  
> layer could be written into asyncore so that the author of a  
> particular chunk of low-level networking code could ignore whether  
> they're using the stdlib mainloop or one of the Twisted ones.

I spent about a half hour sometime in the last month talking this  
through with Itamar, though not in great detail. I'd be interested in  
sitting down with both of you and trying to establish more precisely  
how much work is necessary to get something to actually happen here. I  
won't outright promise a PEP, but I'll promise at the very least to  
write down elaborate notes that someone could turn into a PEP  
relatively straightforwardly. Deal?


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