[Python-Dev] EC2 buildslaves

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Mon Nov 2 12:30:56 CET 2009

<exarkun <at> twistedmatrix.com> writes:
> Starting with a mainstream distro doesn't seem like a bad idea.  For 
> example, there isn't currently a 32bit Ubuntu (any version) slave.  That 
> would be a nice gap to fill in, right?

I've setup a buildslave on an EC2 Ubuntu Karmic instance here:

However, since it's right now billed on my credit card, I'll shut it down in a
couple of days. I wonder how we can get the PSF to be billed instead of me, if
the PSF accepts to fund such an instance (which, given EC2 prices, is perhaps
not the best use of money?).



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