[Python-Dev] Python Package Management Roadmap in Python Releases

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 28 12:01:36 CET 2009

>> (*) Remember, however, that Tarek and work on Distribute, and also on
>> bringing pieces of setuptools/Distribute functionality into distutils.
> But if that's the case then why not work on any third party tool..? like
> pip or setuptools?
> It seems are very longwinded process if the only way to work on
> python is to work on distutils but before doing that you have to
> first work on distribute and then wait for all the changes to work
> their way back up the chain..
> Actually, I have finally worked out what I want. That is shell support
> in the python windows distribution so that you can right click an
> .egg and install it.
> I don't see how that can be achieved by following the workprocess
> that you describe above.

As has been said by many, you are entirely welcome to work on whatever
tool you think is useful. Once you are done you are again welcome to
distribute your tool or application to users and see how many users
are happy with it. Once you are done with this step as well, you are
again encouraged to come back to python-dev and say:

"In the last X months my app/tool became very popular in the python
community. There are Y developers working on the app/tool and there
are Z happy users. I'd suggest including it in the python stdlib or
I'd suggest coordinating the releases of my app/tool with that of

At this point a useful conversation can start. Please note that a
similarly useful conversation is impossible to take place before all
the above steps have been completed.


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