[Python-Dev] Possible language summit topic: buildbots

Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 20:46:34 CET 2009

2009/10/30 C. Titus Brown <ctb at msu.edu>:
>> As a counter-offer: Given remote access to however many Windows VMs
>> you want to provide, I'll get them up and running with buildslaves on
>> them. If that requires software such as Visual Studio, I have copies
>> via the MSDN licenses that I am happy to provide.
> I, too, have MSDN licenses, and I have functioning build environments
> on all of the VMs (I think -- I've only tested Win XP currently:
> http://lyorn.idyll.org/ctb/pb-dev/python/detail?result_key=8276

OK, so I guess it's just setting the buildbot stuff up.

> I also have an OS X 10.5 machine that I can let you into through a firewall;
> it's building Python 2.7 quite nicely:
> http://lyorn.idyll.org/ctb/pb-dev/python/detail?result_key=8229

Sorry, I've no experience with OS X at all.

>> Once things are up and running, I'll be prepared to do basic care and
>> feeding of the buildslave, but as my time is limited, it would be nice
>> if others would pitch in to help.
> I would be somewhat unhappy about giving more than three or four people
> admin access, but am prepared to lie back and think of England.

Greetings from England... :-)

I doubt it'll be a huge issue, I just didn't want to end up doing
nothing more than delivering 5 more red boxes on the buildbot status
page. We can see how it goes. I just think that maintaining the
buildbots as more of a community effort means that there's a better
chance of issues being fixed quickly.


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