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Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Tue Apr 27 21:23:19 CEST 2010

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Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> Tres Seaver <tseaver <at> palladion.com> writes:
>> This is an excellent set of guidelines.  The only drawback I see here is
>> that the current VCS situation makes doing the review more tedious than
>> it should be, especially for non-committers.  Or maybe the Hg mirrors
>> are truly up-to-date and working?  Last I looked, they were lagging or
>> unavailable.
> If you only a review a patch (rather than say maintain and evolve it), there's
> no point in using hg rather than SVN.

Hmm, it feels exactly the other way around to me:  working with the DVCS
tools while reviewiing a patch allows me to be more productive (e.g.,
using 'bzr shelve' or the equivalent hg subcommand).

Making a local branch / clone for each issue also feels more natural
than working in a read-only SVN checkout.

> However, the mirrors are most of the time alive and up-to-date (sync period is
> around 5 minutes):
> http://code.python.org/hg

That was the URL I was trying to work with:  it has been a couple of
months since I last tried, however.

> (perhaps you're thinking about http://hg.python.org/, which is an experimental
> conversion of the SVN repo, not really meant for daily use)

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