[Python-Dev] PEP 384 accepted

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sat Dec 4 09:35:11 CET 2010

"Martin v. Löwis", 02.12.2010 21:24:
>> Since discussion has trailed off without any blocking objections, I'm
>> accepting PEP 384. Martin, you may mark the PEP accepted and proceed
>> with merging the implementation for the beta on Saturday.
> Thanks! will do (I'll also take into consideration the proposed changes).

Note that the PEP states under "Signature Changes":

A number of functions currently expect a specific struct, even though 
callers typically have PyObject* available. These have been changed to 
expect PyObject* as the parameter; this will cause warnings in applications 
that currently explicitly cast to the parameter type.

That's not true for C++ compilation where I now get an error - 3 failing 
tests in Cython's test suite tonight due to the new PyEval_EvalCode() 

I'm not really complaining (the API fixes are long overdue), just leaving a 
comment that what a compiler considers a warning or error pretty much 
depends on compiler, platform and configuration. So the above statement can 
be considered euphemistic.


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