[Python-Dev] Removing Windows 95-related code in posixmodule.c

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Mar 17 22:22:43 CET 2010

Tim Lesher wrote:
> Now that Windows 9x is no longer supported (per PEP 11), would it be
> appropriate to replace the ANSI ("A") versions of Windows OS calls in
> posixmodule.c with their Unicode ("W") equivalents and remove the
> unicode_file_names() function that determines which version to call?

Not directly. The A versions are still used if you pass byte strings as
file names.

It would be possible to convert byte strings to Unicode strings (using
CP_ACP), but I would only want to consider that if the code complexity
does not increase under that approach (which I doubt).

FWIW, the unicode_file_names function *is* removed in Python 2.7.


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