[Python-Dev] Continuing 2.x

Neil Schemenauer nas at arctrix.com
Sun Oct 31 00:32:54 CEST 2010

I have a specific, easy to implement proposal.  I would like one
more version tag added to the Roundup tracker.  My proposed name is
"Python 2.7+" but I don't care what it is called.

It would be used to tag bug reports and patches that apply only to
the 2.x line and are considered not appropriate for the 2.7.x
release.  In order to keep them out of the way, I suppose they could
be marked as "postponed" and closed.

It's possible that no one will step up to handle these issues and
integrate them into a Python 2.7+ release (official or fork).
However, given the cost to add such a tag, I think it would be a
shame to lose the manpower used to produce such bug reports and


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