[Python-Dev] Adding features to 2to3... cpython/default right? can I backport to 2.7?

Gregory P. Smith greg at krypto.org
Thu Dec 22 02:41:17 CET 2011

I have some features I need to add to lib2to3 to make it more useful for
our purposes at work supporting our massive code base in a Python 2 to 3
transition. Which tree should I develop these and check these into?


Can I backport this to 3.2 and 2.7?  It counts as a feature addition which
is normally a no-no for backports.  But in this case I'm enhancing 2to3
which is a useful tool.

No big deal to me _personally_ if I can't backport from 3.3
(cpython/default) as I'd apply the changes to our copy at work internally
but it seems wise to me for us to keep enhancing and improving 2to3 in a
Python 2.x/3.x release independent manner to make people's conversions

The features I want to commit (all pretty easy additions) are command line
flag / constructor option support for:
  1) writing output files to a different directory tree instead of
overwriting the input file.
  2) modifying the output filename by altering the suffix (.py -> .py3 for
  3) always writing output files even if there were no changes to make
(useful in combination with the above to effectively act as a "copy library
X to this directory converting it to python 3 syntax along the way").

The old http://hg.python.org/2to3/ tree exists but it really looks like an
out of date version.

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