[Python-Dev] API deprecations in Python 3, from a Python 2 perspective

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Sat Mar 19 01:32:24 CET 2011

On 03/18/2011 11:20 AM, Jesus Cea wrote:
> I kind of remember doing this change myself. Since no 2.8 is planned, it
> seemed sensible to mark PyCObject as a py3k warning.

It's all fine by me, and yeah I think you did the change.  I'm sure it 
wasn't me.

> PS: I am the maintainer of (externally developed lib) bsddb, but the
> 2.7.0 behaviour actually broke some other extensions out there (when
> used with warnings active). Details in the tracker, somewhere. I am
> offline now, can't use the browser.

My point in bringing up bsddb was that it was the only remaining use of 
CObject that shipped with Python 2.7.  Yes, certainly there were 
externally-maintained extensions that went to pieces when 
PyCObject_FromVoidPtr() started returning NULL.  But internally, 2.7 
switched entirely to capsules, except for bsddb.


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