[Python-Dev] blog.python.org - help wanted - topics, authors, etc.

Brian Curtin brian at python.org
Thu Nov 17 05:51:10 CET 2011

As Jesus mentioned earlier today, it has been a while since
http://blog.python.org/ was been updated, and even before that it
wasn't updated all that often. I'd like to try and get others involved
so we can get a more steady flow going and highlight more of the work
everyone is doing.

The blog aims to keep people up-to-date on what's going on in the
development of Python without having to follow every word of this
mailing list, the bug tracker, IRC, etc. There are a number of topics
that I think would be great for the blog, including but not limited

* Surveys - Raymond likes to poll people on twitter and has done a
bunch of surveys over IRC, usually relating to ideas on APIs. I'd love
to put some of these up on the blog and cast a wider net.
* New features - Introducing a new module, such as Victor's
faulthandler, makes for a great post. As we get closer to 3.3,
everyone will be stuffing the commit stream with new features and
introducing interesting ones on here would be great.
* PEPs - As we all know, PEP discussions can sometimes result in weeks
long debates with hundreds of 500 word responses. Summarizing a
discussion down to a blog post would probably be helpful for a lot of
people. I know I can't follow all of these PEPs all the time, but I'd
like to know what's going on.
* Problems you're solving - Antoine did a nice post about his changes
to remove polling from a number of areas in the code and why he did
them. More explanations like this would be great.

We run the blog out of a Mercurial repository on BitBucket and do the
writing in reStructuredText, then publish via Blogger. There's also a
great team of volunteer translators that can get your post out there
in 10 languages (see the blog sidebar for the full list). We can also
accept guest posts with zero process: you just write and we'll handle
the back-end stuff and get your work published. I don't want to make
people go through all kinds of hoops if they just want to make a
one-time post about something they want to share.

If you have any topics - specific or general -  that you'd like to see
covered, respond here and we'll add them on the tracker.
If you're interested in writing, contact me and I'll get you up and running.

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