[Python-Dev] PyPy 1.7 - widening the sweet spot

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Mon Nov 21 22:36:10 CET 2011

On 11/21/2011 5:36 AM, Maciej Fijalkowski wrote:
> ==================================
> PyPy 1.7 - widening the sweet spot
> ==================================
> We're pleased to announce the 1.7 release of PyPy. As became a habit, this
> release brings a lot of bugfixes and performance improvements over the 1.6
> release. However, unlike the previous releases, the focus has been on widening
> the "sweet spot" of PyPy. That is, classes of Python code that PyPy can greatly
> speed up should be vastly improved with this release. You can download the 1.7
> release here:
>     http://pypy.org/download.html
> The main topic of this release is widening the range of code which PyPy
> can greatly speed up. On average on
> our benchmark suite, PyPy 1.7 is around **30%** faster than PyPy 1.6 and up
> to **20 times** faster on some benchmarks.
> .. _`pypy 1.7 and cpython 2.7.1`: http://speed.pypy.org

If I understand right, pypy is generally slower than cpython without jit 
and faster with jit. (There is obviously a spurious datapoint in the 
pypy-c timeline for raytracing-simple.) This site is a nice piece of work.
> .. _`py3k proposal`: http://pypy.org/py3donate.html

I strongly recommend that where it makes a difference, the pypy python3 
project target 3.3. In particular, don't reproduce the buggy 
narrow-build behavior of 3.2 and before (perhaps pypy avoids this 
already). Do include the new unicode capi in cpyext. I anticipate that 
3.3 will see more production use than 3.2

Terry Jan Reedy

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