[Python-Dev] 2to3 porting HOWTO: setup.py question

Oscar Benjamin oscar.benjamin at bristol.ac.uk
Tue Jul 24 00:41:40 CEST 2012

On 23 July 2012 23:27, Éric Araujo <merwok at netwok.org> wrote:

> On 22/07/2012 15:57, R. David Murray wrote:
>> I'm not familiar with distutils, really, so you could be right about
>> what it is important to test.  I was commenting based on the code
>> snippet presented, which just deciding which "build" object to use.
>> If build_py_2to3 can be imported by python2 and subsequently screws up
>> the build, then yes the logic is incorrect.
> That can’t happen.  The *_2to3 classes (don’t forget build_scripts_2to3)
> only exist in 3.x and work with a version check or an import with fallback.
>  There is no cross-version-build at all in distutils.

I'm regretting the fact that I didn't keep notes of exactly what I was
doing and I can't reproduce this now but this did happen to me when using
one of pip/easy_install in a virtualenv. As I said earlier it may have been
a mistake on my part as I'm not confident with virtualenv.

At the time when I looked at the files in my pretty much empty virtualenv
the main things I could see where related to setuptools so I guessed that
some kind of setuptools monkey-patch had made build_py_2to3 importable and
changed the setup.py to an explicit version check which fixed the problem
in that environment.

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