[Python-Dev] please back out changeset f903cf864191 before alpha-2

Ryan rymg19 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 20:55:25 CEST 2013

Nonblocking sounds too Internet-related. How about...flow?

Ah, I'll probably still end up using Expat regardless.

Eli Bendersky <eliben at gmail.com> wrote:

>On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 10:40 AM, Paul Moore <p.f.moore at gmail.com>
>> On 26 August 2013 17:40, Eli Bendersky <eliben at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Yes, exactly :-) "Incremental", though, seems to support the
>>> that it's the input. Which is true, but, since XMLParser is also
>>> "incremental" in this sense, slightly confusing.
>> As a data point, until you explained the difference between the two
>> classes earlier in this thread, I too had been completely confused as
>> the existing and the new classes are "incremental" (on the input side
>> that's what I interpret "incremental" as meaning). It never even
>> to me that the difference was in the *output* side. Maybe
>> would imply that to me. Or maybe "Generator". But regardless, I think
>> changes you've made sound good, and I'm certainly less concerned with
>> new version(as someone who will likely never use the new API, and
>> doesn't really have a vote).
>Thanks for the data point; it is useful.
>>  How about StreamParser?
>The problem with StreamParser is similar to IncrementalParser. "Stream"
>carries the impression that it refers to the input. But the input of ET
>parsers is *always* streaming, in a way (the feed/close interface). I
>a name that conveys that the *output* is also
>nonblocking/streaming/yielding/generating/etc. Therefore Nonblocking
>let better English experts to decide whether B should be capitalized)
>sounds better to me, because it helps convey that both sides of the
>are asynchronous.
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