[Python-Dev] [RELEASED] Python 2.7.5

Benjamin Peterson benjamin at python.org
Thu May 16 06:19:06 CEST 2013

It is my greatest pleasure to announce the release of Python 2.7.5.

2.7.5 is the latest maintenance release in the Python 2.7 series. You may be
surprised to hear from me so soon, as Python 2.7.4 was released slightly more
than a month ago. As it turns out, 2.7.4 had several regressions and
incompatibilities with 2.7.3. Among them were regressions in the zipfile, gzip,
and logging modules. 2.7.5 fixes these. In addition, a data file for testing in
the 2.7.4 tarballs and binaries aroused the suspicion of some virus
checkers. The 2.7.5 release removes this file to resolve that issue.

For details, see the Misc/NEWS file in the distribution or view it at


Downloads are at


As always, please report bugs to


(Thank you to those who reported these bugs in 2.7.4.)

This is a production release.

Happy May,
Benjamin Peterson
2.7 Release Manager
(on behalf of all of Python 2.7's contributors)

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