[Python-Dev] Mysterious Python pyc file corruption problems

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Fri May 17 21:32:06 CEST 2013

Am 15.05.2013 22:58, schrieb Barry Warsaw:
> I am looking into a particularly vexing Python problem on Ubuntu that 
> manifests in several different ways.  I think the problem is the same one 
> described in http://bugs.python.org/issue13146 and I sent a message on the 
> subject to the ubuntu-devel list: 
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2013-May/037129.html

please consider that Ubuntu does have some other upgrade issues, when files in
the dpkg database (/var/lib/dpkg/info/*) are corrupted, or just are files
having null bytes.  So these and the pyc issues share in common that these
files are written after a package is unpacked.  I'm not saying that the
problem might be with the pyc writing, but we do see other file corruption as


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