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Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
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On 05/09/13 21:53, Ben Finney wrote:
> My own take is that most people choose convenience and expedience
> over security and freedom, hence Facebook and Twitter and Google
> have taken over the online identity game instead of a federated
> identity system.

That is one of the Persona improvements: If your email provider is not
supporting it, you can still use your email with "persona" (thru
Mozilla servers). If you provider support OAUTH authentication (let
say, Facebook, twitter, Google), You can use that identity to prove
your identity to Mozilla, and Mozilla to prove your email ID to any
Persona consumer. In the process, you get privacy (facebook doesn't
know where are you using authentication, beside Mozilla).

Being a Persona provider is easy, being a verifier is trivial.

An interesting property of Persona is that if its popularity grows, it
becomes decentralized "automágically".

Anyway, I was asking for alternative OpenID providers, not to open a
debate about single sign on methods :).

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