[Python-Dev] datetime nanosecond support (ctd?)

Matthieu Bec mdcb808 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 07:31:57 CET 2014

newbie first post on this list, if what follows is of context ...

Hi all,

I'm struggling with issue per the subject, read different threads and 
issue http://bugs.python.org/issue15443 that started 2012 still opened 
as of today.

Isn't there a legitimate case for nanosecond support? it's all over the 
place in 'struct timespec' and maybe wrongly I always found python and C 
were best neighbors. That's for the notional aspect.

More practically, aren't we close enough yet with current hardware, PTP 
and the likes, this deserves more consideration?

Maybe this has been mentioned before but the limiting factor isn't just 
getting nanoseconds, but anything sub-microseconds wont work with the 
current format. OpcUA that I was looking right now has 10-th us 
resolution, so really cares about 100ns, but the datetime 1us simply 
wont cut it.


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