[Python-Dev] XP buildbot problem cloning from hg.python.org

David Bolen db3l.net at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 05:47:05 CEST 2014

Starting yesterday, my XP buildbot began failing to execute clone
operations against hg.python.org.  There's not a lot of data being
given aside from a transaction abort message (and my buildbot log
showing the hg command exiting), and I'm wondering if something may be
amiss on the server or its configuration?

Note that this is a full clone (which for some reason the Windows
buildbots seem to fall back on with some frequency) and can take quite
a while.  My Windows 7 buildbot is ok so far but it's still doing
incremental pulls over the same time period.

I've got two separate Internet connections here and have tried routing
over both so I don't think it's a network issue.  I've completely
flushed the local build trees and rebooted the buildbot.

Is there anything that might be available on the server to see if
there are errors being logged?  Or anything that could have changed
configuration wise recently (maybe timeout related or something)?  I'm
running a bit low of items to try to change or reset on the buildbot


-- David

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