[Python-Dev] XP buildbot problem cloning from hg.python.org

Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Sat Oct 25 05:55:06 CEST 2014

Is this using HTTPS or SSH.

> On Oct 24, 2014, at 11:47 PM, David Bolen <db3l.net at gmail.com> wrote:
> Starting yesterday, my XP buildbot began failing to execute clone
> operations against hg.python.org.  There's not a lot of data being
> given aside from a transaction abort message (and my buildbot log
> showing the hg command exiting), and I'm wondering if something may be
> amiss on the server or its configuration?
> Note that this is a full clone (which for some reason the Windows
> buildbots seem to fall back on with some frequency) and can take quite
> a while.  My Windows 7 buildbot is ok so far but it's still doing
> incremental pulls over the same time period.
> I've got two separate Internet connections here and have tried routing
> over both so I don't think it's a network issue.  I've completely
> flushed the local build trees and rebooted the buildbot.
> Is there anything that might be available on the server to see if
> there are errors being logged?  Or anything that could have changed
> configuration wise recently (maybe timeout related or something)?  I'm
> running a bit low of items to try to change or reset on the buildbot
> side.
> Thanks.
> -- David
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