[Python-Dev] Sad status of Python 3.x buildbots

Antonio Cavallo a.cavallo at cavallinux.eu
Sun Sep 7 20:49:17 CEST 2014


I've put everything under the tools directory of the build server for 
the project home:cavallo71:opt-python-interpreters:


To get started you need using the osc client (it uses the same 
subversion syntax, so is very simple):

    $> osc co home:cavallo71:opt-python-interpreters
    $> make -f tools/Makefile update (for the 2.7 branch)
    $> make -f tools/Makefile BRANCH=3 update (for the 3.x branch, I
        haven't fixed few issue with the build)

I don't think you'd bee able to use as it is because is still linked to 
my account (few hardcoded paths). But I can help in bootstrapping it if 
there's a general consensus on that (maybe having the python project 
official release build on susebuild?).

Then there's the testing bit (it's separate from the python binaries 
build to insulate the two). It's very similar and I'll post more details 
when ready.

I hope this helps,

Antonio Cavallo wrote:
> Setting up a repo with the code and cleaning a bit here and there.
> Over the weekend I can put something useable.
> Nick Coghlan wrote:
>> On 4 September 2014 18:50, A. Cavallo<a.cavallo at cavallinux.eu> wrote:
>>> Yes there are "details" indeed. But not show stoppers. A prototype
>>> can be
>>> seen here: http://cclimited.webfactional.com
>>> The nice bit is testing will be executed in a total fresh instance,
>>> an added
>>> bonus
>> Oh, very nice!
>> What is needed to get that up and running?
>> Regards,
>> Nick.
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